Saturday, August 7, 2010

Endless Questions

"The larger the island of knowledge, 
the longer the shoreline of wonder."
~Ralph W. Sockman

Endless questions each day. From the time I walk though the classroom door to the time I walk out.

"Why isn't a banana called yellow if orange is an orange?"
"Who's your mudder (mother) and do you call her on da phone?"
"Why do you smell wiffy like a marshmallow?"
"If a cow eat-ted a Hersey Bar do we get-ted chocolate milk?"

I answer every question.
Then when I went got off work I called my mom on the to see how she was doing.....
Kids have a great way of provoking us to wonder.


Kristine said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to fulfill my (three-year-old) son's want to have a picnic on the moon... Hmmm...

lol He helps me with wondering ALL the time. He's in that asking Qs about everything "phase" right now. :)

Barbra The Bloggess said...

LOL! What a great idea! I'll bet you'll be bringing along TANG.