Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Being a Social Teacher

Caring, sensitive adults are ideal social teachers. Unlike preschool peers, parents and teachers draw on extensive emotional resources when they interact with children.

Being a social teacher means we:
* Help describe emotions verbally
* Understand the causes and effects of emotions and help regulate them
* See things from a child’s perspective
*  Assist in interpreting the emotions of others
* Match social interactions to a child’s developmental level
* Regulate their own emotions and understand teachable opportunities
* Appreciate the long-term consequences of social acts

No wonder the core preschool social skills such as empathy, emotional self-control, and communication are best nurtured by parents and families. As teachers we support the development of each child by making sure we connect with parents. For more ways to foster preschool social skills visit us at, ALL TOGETHER WE'RE BETTER.

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