Monday, June 21, 2010

Painted Foil Sculptures

"Let me ask you something, what is not art?"

Sculptures are great activities that really stimulate creativity and hand eye coordination!
This is a great activity to do on a nice warm day. This sculpture comes out surprisingly beautiful and shiny but needs time to dry in the sun.

How to make painted foil sculptures with kids:
Materials: Aluminum foil (all lengths and sizes of used scraps), stiff card board or small paper plates, glue paint: mix glue and tempura paint or bio color for various shades, small paint brushes, glue gun (optional for adults)

The Process: Have children form sculptures from the various lengths of aluminum and an adult mounts the sculptures with a glue gun to the cardboard foundation.
Allow children to freely paint the sculptures with the glue paint. The metallic luster shines through the glue for a beautiful effect. Set sculptures in a sunny place to dry.

More Notes:
*This project can be affixed to the cardboard with white glue but it does take time to dry. If you decide to use a hot glue gun, we recommend keeping a cup if ice water handy to dip your fingers. It cools a burn in a jiffy.
*Bio Color gives a more translucent effect while tempura paint offers a more opaque finish.
*Add fine glitter of the top for dimension
*For a long term project you can have children add scrap materials during the week (wood scraps, tissue paper, feathers, etc.)

What would you add?