Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making Your Own Watercolors

I love the look of watercolors. It is a very soothing activity for kids to do when they will be indoors and away from the elements. I had often thought of ways to extend on watercolors and finally found a way. I'm sure it's not original but it's a great way for kids of all ages to enjoy art as well as science.

How to make your own watercolors:
Materials: clear plastic cups (mini butter cups will do, too) have at least 3-5 for each child, warm water (it activates color faster) in a pitcher, various shades of colored tissue paper (starting out with red, blue and yellow is best), white paper, thin paint brushes
The Procedure: pour small amounts of water in each cup and allow children to select a few sheets of different shades of tissue paper. Children will need to tear small pieces of tissue and place them in the water.
The Process: The children will see the tissue colors bleed into the water as it creates their watercolors. Mixing various tissue colors in the water will change the colors! When your desired color is reached, you may begin painting.

Some kids never get past the color mixing process. We are always sure to have plenty of water on hand so kids can start over with their colors when they like! This art will produce a bit of texture left over from the tissue. Some kids like the effect but some may choose to pick the tissue of the remaining paper.
What we love about this activity is it stimulates fine motor skills, cognitive thinking, and promotes language development.

What are some things you like about creating your own colors with kids?


Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

That's a great idea. I did not know that about the tissues making watercolors.

I did try mixing cornstarch and water and adding food color for a gooey play-doh thing.

Love Ya

And thanks for the acknowledgement on your About You section. That was sweet.

You've exceeded my skills and are my teacher now.

If I want to learn something new I check you out. LOL


Oh your my roomie in Moreno Valley...

We're gonna have fun.

You know we are going to Palm Springs after that too.



Barbra The Bloggess said...

Hi JuJuBee. How can I exceed your skills if I did what you told me! I saw all your blogs, I still think I haven't "snatched the pebble from your hand" just yet.
I am so excited about Moreno Valley!
Love you!