Saturday, June 5, 2010

itty bitty cows

We were all making a recipe that involved canned milk. Many of the children had never seen milk in a can before. As we were investigating, poking and prodding at all the ingredients before we began I overheard a discussion between the preschooler.

"I never-ed saw that a-before! Milk in a little itty-bitty can! He-He!" Paulie was holding up the can and shaking it.
"It's called condensed milk." I explained.
"OOoooh. Is it made from condensed cows, Ms Barbra?" One child inquired.
" No condensed cows." I said trying not to laugh.
"Cool." Said one child grabbing the can to inspect it further.
"So...Ms. Bar-ba? Nina asked.
"How do they get the cows to sit down on these itty-bitty cans?"


Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

Barb, It never stops! You just have story after story about the lives of children and the adorable things they say. Never having children of my own per say I can't help but wonder what a "Mini-Me" might say. LOL

It makes me want to spend more time with children who may need supplemental nurturing and give of myself.

Kudos to you Lady.


Barbra The Bloggess said...

LOL, a Mini Julie, that's funny. I'll bet you liked a bit of bling even as a child! Keep shining on!