Friday, May 14, 2010

Human Service and Education News

 There are some severe cuts to childcare programs California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed this month. Take a look at what is happening with Human Services and Education right now.


Jenni said...

Wow! You hit the OTHER big topic of our meeting today...were you there?

This one directly affects us and, we were happy to see that it got shot down; but know that it isn't out of the woods yet. The thing is, if he would realize that actually need based programs that help pay for child care actually keeps people OFF welfare, he'd realize that it's saving money.

Plus, when parents are making enough, they do have to pay a fee and the amount of the fee is directly taken OUT of the money the state owes our programs. (ie the state pays us, let's say, $30 a day for the child to be there, the parent pays $10 per day according to their income, therefore the state will now only pay $20). By having NEED based programs in which families MUST be working, going to school, or seeking employement (and those days are limited to the number allowed per year) it is actually helping to save a bit in the end.

Now, as a citizen looking on the outside, I don't want to say "this program is more important than that one" because I do think cuts across the board need to be made...we are in debt, something has to be done; but I also think cutting a program that will (and does-it's been proven) get families off medical and welfare should be considered...make a 10% cut, sure; but not the entire program...that's just shooting ourselves in the foot.

Sorry for the long comment, you obviously hit a button for me...but thanks for the post; I think everyone needs to read what is happening.

Barbra The Bloggess said...

We know what you mean, Jenni. I have a difficult time blogging about it so I keep the it all short and to the point. It's an issue close to our heart here, too. I know a lot of very caring people that are acting on this and really doing all they can....