Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doing a Nature Collage with Preschoolers

 "Creativity is thinking up new things. 
Innovation is doing new things."
~Theodore Levitt

 On a beautiful day I will have the children go on a nature walk with me. We will usually decorate a small paper bag and go outside specifically looking for beautiful things in bloom or something we haven't noticed before. We have a casual conversation about being careful not to disturb out "bug friends" but we all can definitely have a look. Most children really don't stop and notice nature in a world of rushing from one place to another. It's nice to have some time and make a project out of the time we spend together.

Nature Collage Materials Needed:
  • Paper bags and crayons to color them (of course this can even be a project in itself!)
  • Contact paper (or substitute with tape) 
  • Construction paper (any color)
  • One marker to write down their words. 
  • One Large sheet of newsprint.

This can be done at a table, at a circle time in small groups or done over a period over a few days depending on the number of children you have. The kids love the individual attention and a group is sure to gather to hear the story.
1. Ask the child to empty the bag onto the newsprint and everyone have a look and touch at what was found.It may have a fragrance or weight to it. Ask the child to recall where they found it and what they think it is.
2. Write down their words on the construction paper and tape or place the bit of nature on the construction paper. Use your discretion if there are multiple bits of nature-they can always be placed back in the bag as a treasure.
3. When finished have the child help you place the sheet of contact paper over the collage to seal and press it. Voila, your done.

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