Sunday, March 28, 2010

Smart Go Green Tips For Children's Art Work In Early Childhood Education

"Nature hates calculators."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I had collected a mountain of children’s artwork over the years. Even dictation I have collected. I was thankful when the work children did went into portfolios, then I didn’t have mini piles meeting me at my door when I got home.
Since I started going green it has been much easier. That, and I just think differently about everything I do.
Here is how you can save a ton of money on wrapping paper and packing materials. Just before you toss it or recycle it.

Tips for What I Keep:
*In 20 years I have maybe a few pieces of artwork from children.
The rest never make it in the door unless there is a “Go Green” reason.
*Timing is everything, just before a birthday or a major gift exchange I start saving the most vibrant artworks. I doesn’t matter if it is a collage, mosaic, or painting, but the bigger in size the better. When you think of it this way you won’t be cluttered in your mind as to what to keep. Remember, You don't want a 'well meaning' pile sitting forever.
*If you don’t have one I recommend you get a shredder. I love it.
I keep one in my personal office and refill paper in the art area collage box at the preschool.

What I Do With It All To Go Green:
Hand Made Cards: Children’s Artwork makes excellent cards. Simply fold it in half and keep some insert an extra white sheet of paper or tag board inside and staple or glue it as the cover. Allow 24 hours to dry before writing inside if you glue.
Home Made Wrapping Paper: Usually large sheets of art work best but if you don’t have that don’t panic! I have cut off the bottom of a brown paper bag and had children color on it and tied it with raffia ribbon or hair ribbons. It lookes lovely!
GO Green Packaging Tip: Before you buy those packing peanuts look into purchasing or borrow a shredder. I mix it up in there or shread my newsprint. Hope these Go Green ideas save you some time and money!

Hope these tips work for you, pass them on and share some with us!


Jenni said...

ooh, I never thought about repurposing it into cards and gift wrapping; I guess because it's always one of my classroom children and not my own it never occured to me; but I LOVE this idea...solves one of my problems, too.

Thanks for the tips!

Barbra The Bloggess said...

When I had read about you're heartbreaking dilemma about the art work it inspired this post, Jenni.
You have such a heart for the kids, and it is a shame to toss it ALL out.
For me, uncluttered house is a happy house, and to save money on the process-I'm in!

Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

Hey Barb,

I had an idea for collecting your childs art work by taking photographs of them and saving it online. It could be a cool thing to share as they grow all the online artwork visuals you have.

Imaging their 25th birthday and you pull out a video slide show of 25 years of art from finger paint, to drawings, and such like.

Food for thought

Julie Parker