Thursday, March 4, 2010

Helping Young Children Learn From Their Mistakes in Early Childhood Education

"The only real mistake is the one from 
which we learn nothing."
~John Powell

Teachable moments are everywhere. I know that as an Early Childhood Educator, I am usually alert and on guard for them. I noticed the preschoolers are quick to do the same as will-especially if someone winds up being an object lesson.
This is no time to laugh or poke fun at others-this is not in our classroom culture and I am quick to squelch any giggling or snickering….after all, I have been an object lesson, myself…….sigh.
Learning from our mistakes is so crucial, especially with young children. In many ways I feel its just as important as making mistakes.
Don’t big mistakes in life start out with the small silly ones?
I have gone on nature hikes with the children and we never trip on the big boulders….it’s always the small stones.

How do you help preschoolers work through problems or mistakes?
Do you recall how you dealt with them as a child vs. now?


Barbra The Bloggess said... a child I cried, I mean I was ultra humiliated if I made a mistake. Big crock tears and all. I know it embarrassed my mother-but it worked on my Dad. I didn't like being embarrassed-I mean who does. right? I have a sense of humor, now...thank goodness!

Deborah Stewart said...

I am a huge advocate for teachable moments and absolutely agree - it is important for preschoolers to make mistakes and then to be gently guided in learning from those mistakes through a loving, positive, and caring approach.