Friday, January 29, 2010

Quiet Areas in Preschool Environments in Early Childhood Education

“Never miss an opportunity to make 
others happy, even if you have to leave 
them alone in order to do it.”

I am not the sunshine in everyone’s life….Shocker, right?
There is an art to leaving kids alone to recover their dignity from humiliation, anger, fear, resentment….and such like. And WOE unto you if you mess-ith with them.
I mean yikes to the power of yikes.
Well…..a temper is another separate issue.
When I was upset, I preferred not to be alone-I was just that type of child. I preferred someone to pick on….at the very least……
I knew a little boy named Sean that used too hide under the table when there was trouble. There was a rule at the preschool that no one was to be under the table. He would quietly duck under and “gather” himself together…I could almost see it happening. The teachers would begin to pull him out until I brought the situation to their attention. The solution was to have one “Quiet Tent” in the classroom that kids could all sit under. It was enough for him and he used it less and less.
Hmmmm….Do we have a restful retreat for our kids their environment?
How do I take time to 'recover' from situations?


Unknown said...

I am kind of funny when it comes to hurt feelings....I analyze things. It may take me a few days to even figure out I'm upset....then once I figure it out I make my move & confront the person....the highly confused person.
My husband is a great sport, by the way.(He-He)

Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

Making others happy. What a concept. I experienced this today. I had to take a blow to the gut to make others happy. It really hurt but I was so glad I was mature enough to sacrifice myself and do something inconvient for others. Its only the self that gets hurt and that is something I am trying to remove from my life. Ahhhh

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Unknown said...

That's key right there, Julie. Maturity.
We don't always see the tight jaw behind the smile....
The best teachers are the most mature...too bad they aren't paid the most.
I guess that's why we must manage our money better..