Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From Passion 2 Fruition

“Let your working ideas go for a picnic - sometimes the fresh air and ant bites are just what they need. Many great ideas were bitten a little at the beginning.”
~Carrie Latet

I loved to follow around ants as a kid. They built dams, bridges with their own bodies and dug endless tunnels. My mom was always heartsick looking for me at parks because I would always get lost following them….but I learned something.
Gather in the good times…the summers of your life-you will be prepared for the winters and look back in thankfulness. Together work, together build and teach it to your little ones. Be unified as a family.
There a lot nature can teach us....
I guess that's why I co-habituate with critters in the class. I'm not squeamish, either. We all are like little Fonzie's when it comes to the idea of nature....

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