Thursday, December 10, 2009

Assisting Children Impliment Conflict Resolution Techniques in Early Childhood Education

 “An apology is a good way to have the last word.”
~Author Unknown

I was finishing up a conversation with a parent when I felt a gentle tug in my pant leg.
“Ms Barbra?”
“Yes?” I knelt down to meet Jared’s eyes…they were about to brim over with tears and he was winding his hands.
I knew what this was, another conflict that needed resolving with his young friend, Mikey. Isn't this what comes with early childhood education? There was no them to recall any acronyms...I had to be present.
“Um…um…Mikey….Mikey said….well….he said he is not my friend any more and that he is going to buy himself a ‘new Jared’.”
The tears projected from his eyes and he clasped in my arms. I felt crushed. Crushed for him, for the fact that those words even existed in the world, for Mikey…that he knew those words…
I gathered myself together and spoke to him.
“That really hurts, huh?”
“Let’s go talk to Mikey about it.” Together we walked toward Mikey.
Once they came together they began talking…
“I don’t like it that you said you can buy another Jared,” sniffed Jared wiping away a tear.
“Oh..well stop taking my shovel then,” explained Mikey.
“Um, okay- sorry.”
“Okay then-sorry, too.”
And just like that….all the hurt was gone.

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