Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Fragile Piece of Blu

“No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement.”
~Florida Scott-Maxwell

I had met some of the parents during pick up time after school. I make sure to give them charming anecdotes about their kids…then…I noticed something strange about ‘Stacy’s’ dad, Corbin. He would reach into his wallet at times…sniff something…and go about his merry way. E-GADS! Drugs? Goodness-gravy…how could I be sure? I mean the man was always neat as a pin and never showed any sign of anything. I went to my director and asked her how to go about the situation.
My director was on good terms with the family…the dad actually went to the school when he was a boy. The next day I was summoned in the director’s office with the dad, my director, and Nana…Corbin’s mother. Everyone was smiling and laughing.
I sat down beside Corbin.
“Oh! So glad you’re here Ms. Barbra, Corbin has something to show you-hee-hee” Giggled my director.
“Yes, what’s left of it…” Nana laughed, slapping her knee.
Out of his wallet, Corbin pulled out a small square of robin’s egg blue fabric. It was badly tattered around the edges…it looked like a portion of a child’s blanket.
I looked…squinted at it, and looked at everyone….(was this a joke?)
Nana socked Corbin in the arm. “Well, tell her its name…you’re a grown man, and this is a fine mess you’ve gotten us in-You’re lucky she didn’t call the cops on ya!”
Corbin blushed, “Uh…yeah…Ms Barbra, this is, ‘BLU’.”
“Excuse me?”
“Blu…what’s left of my old blanket I had as a kid…”
Nana interrupted, “He never could let go of the darn thing-had it since he was three! Didn’t even want me to wash it way back then …AND this is where it has led us. He likes to give it a sniff every now and then…”
“Ma!” Corbin said putting his hand to his forehead.
I bit my lip……..HARD.
“Nana taught here at this school, you know.” My director whispered to me as their conversation continued.
“…Oh anyway, love you, Corbie… I’m glad you don’t take the drugs.”
“I love you, too, Ma…and it’s, ‘DO’ drugs, Ma.”
“…Huh? Well how would a nice boy like you know that?!”

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