Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dance of the “NO”

Lisa arrived a bit late with Jessica and the baby brother Jack-Jack in tow. It was such a peaceful morning that day. The children were water coloring, building with foam blocks and play quietly with flannel numbers. Just than a slamming door broke the silence.
“So sorry we’re late Ms. Barbra. You wouldn’t believe the morning we have had…”
“Waaaaa-HHHH! Mama!”
“Oh good heavens what is it now!”
“Mommy, I will tell you!” Jessica takes the corner around the sand table like an ambulance on four bald tires. “Jack-Jack wants the car but it says, NOT-FOR-CHILDREN-UNDER-THREE”
In the meantime Jack-Jack was hollering….I mean- HOLLERING. Holy Toledo! He was also running in place…..yeah….ever see ‘Flash Dance’? 
I have seen that dance before actually- I call it, ‘The Dance of the “NO”. It’s a tantrum…a nasty one, too.
Jennifer Beals made it look cool…when kids do it, it’s...well, not so cool... (must be the leg warmers?).
“Give it to him, Jessica.” Her mom said flatly.
“..But I had it first.”
“Give it, give it, give it to him- he is screaming!”
Jessica obediently handed the car to her brother and immediately the screaming ceased.
“Aaaaaah…What’s that?” Lisa said taking in a deep breath looking at me.
“What’s wha…” I began.
“Shhhhhhhh!” She hushed me.
“That’s silence…..isn’t it? Yes…..yes….I think it is…”

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