Thursday, October 1, 2009

Successful Circle Time Tips &Techniques

 en⋅thusiasm –noun. Absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest: eagerness, warmth, fervor, zeal, ardor, passion, devotion.

For me as a preschool teacher main focus of a successful circle time is the enthusiasm I into it. All the props, puppets and wonderful story books will not hold the children’s attention if I am not likable and enthusiastic. Before starting any gathering or circle time, it is important to prepare and have ‘back up materials” in case your original plans fall flat. Children usually have requests for songs, flannel stories or special books. These will most likely be successful. Every circle time is broken down into three distinct parts; the beginning, the middle and the end: sort of like how a good book is written.  It is the teachers job know when or when not to transition the children as a group into each phase. Before you start your circle time, ask yourself these questions.

Successful Circle Time Tips &Techniques:
*How is this grabbing young children’s attention?
*Is this start the circle time engaging and fun for children?
*Will I spend most of my time telling children to be quite or will I encourage participation?
*Will the children “want” to come to this circle time?
I must admit some days, I have never gotten to transition my group of children past “the beginning” of the circle time. To have pushed it would have been to have lost the whole group. Some days…ah yes, everyone just needs to go outside and play. Some groups as a whole will be better than others as far as engaging in circle time, but I encourage you to gather then at least twice a day as a group. Learning what technique to use with kids can even very from day to day, but I never gave up on kids as a group. I like to to always look at kids at the finish line on success.
If children are unruly as a group, I address them as a group and express dissatisfaction in a firm but pleasant voice and with overwhelming amounts of love and understanding. Young children do wish to please adults, and they flourish when they have strong support beneath them.

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