Friday, September 25, 2009

Helping Kids Resolve Conflicts

"Teacher! She keeps touchin' me!" We have heard it all haven't we? "Ew! Stop coughin' your amoeba’s on me!" or "She hit me in my man-boob!"..uh, okay-some of they might be pretty original. But to young preschoolers it's serious business and through the ear piercing screams they really are asking me for help. Would I prefer them to ask nicely-of course, however-they are trusting me as their teacher that I will be consistent with them in guiding them through the process of problem solving every time. It's my desire for the children to gain the confidence to work out conflict resolution techniques and problem solving skills themselves. There are some cases where things don't always come up roses. Keeping friendly lines of communication open with parents and supervisors is best. I always keep in mind to remember that young children are still growing and have so much to learn.
Keeping a sense of humor, responding to situations casually yet with focus and concern has really helped in when dealing with a dilemma.
Let's be patient and love them through the process.

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