Monday, March 28, 2011

Kids Phone Book Flower Craft

Photo from Simple Journey

Simple, easy and perfect for Spring! The kids love this craft because there is really no way to mess it up. The more colors and cuts the prettier they become!

How to Make Kids the Kids Newsprint Flower Craft:
  • Bio Color liquid watercolor
  • Newsprint or telephone book pages (this flower was made on newsprint)
  • Metal Brads
  • Hole Punchers
  • Lids (different sizes for children to trace)
  • Pencils
  • Light Colored Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Stamps and Ink Pads (optional)
  • Scissors

The kids love tearing the pages for their flower craft!
Craft Process: Allow kids to freely paint on phone book pages with Liquid Bio Color. After it is dry we have the children trace lids with pencils and begin cutting. We like to do this at a table while socializing and do it for as long at the children are interested. The more cuttings we get the more beautiful the effect. We usually dedicate one day for this project.
After we are finished, we punch holes in the centers of the circle clipping. Depending on how many clipping we have we dedicate on table during option time to hole punch. The children love mastering the hole punchers and are so pleased by their work.
More Water Coloring: We take a light sheet of colored contraction paper and allow the children to paint a beautiful place where they have seen flowers. The children love ink stamping butterflies and insects in the background as well.
The Finished Product: Sure, we take our time with this craft, even having two or three days to enjoy it. For the finale children merely stack the circle clippings from big to small then insert the brad. We attach them to their watercolor painting an add a brush of glue and glitter.
This art has a shabby chic look to it...very pretty!


Unknown said...

Isn't that GORGEOUS! And a great way to recycle. Love it.

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Love this! Great way to recycle the phone books I never use!

My Kids Make said...

fantastic! I have never thought of letting my kids paint on the phone books. I always recycle them as soon as they come in the mail! Now I have a new use for them!! great idea!! thanks