Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Neat Feet Kids Craft

 We found a great craft idea from  Craft Ideas for Kids that we were able to modify for the classroom! They are great gift ideas for parents just about any time of year!

How to Make Neat Feet For Kids:
Materials Needed
  1. Sensory Tub of Moist Sand
  2. Kids Shoe Boxes
  3. Boxes of Plaster of Paris (follow instruction on the box)
  4. Pen
  5. Towel to dry off those cute little feet!

Procedure: Have the children fill their shoe boxes half way with moist sand. We use a marker to show them where to stop. Have the kids take of their shoe and gently press on bare foot into the sand. When an imprint is created follow the instruction on the Plaster of Paris box and pour it in a mold.

Gift Idea: This makes a great gift idea! We glue felt at the bottom of the Neat Feet and turn it into an adorable paper weight!

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