Friday, March 18, 2011

Bone-ified Dinosaur Activities for Kids

Preschooler have always had a fascination with bones and fossils. Dinosaurs are a great way to introduce an amazing sense of wonder through the science of it all. How bones are found and collected tell us so much about these great leviathans. With young children, by simply peeking their interest and fascination, you can take your preschool curriculum to new levels of learning. Here are some of the best bone and fossil curriculum we gathered to share with you and your classrooms

Dinosaur Bone Activities Kids Will Love
Milk Bone Dig
Materials needed: Paper bags, Markers, dinosaur stickers (optional), Boxes of Dog Milk Bones (from the dollar store), an outdoor sand box, digging tools and old clean paint brushes (any size)
Procedure: Adults bury milk bones in the sandbox and set out buckets and brushes. Children decorate bags and explain to children how dinosaur bones are found and cleaned by archeologists. Let the children know you will be going on a bone hunt and to walk carefully as they dig. We love to share our stories of our finds after the dig! Bones can be brushed clean and taken home to a very lucky dog!
Dinoaur Tar Pits
Materials Needed: Cornstarch, water, black food coloring or paint, large plastic dinosaurs, sensory tub, smocks
Procedure: Mix cornstarch and water with enough black food coloring for a nice gooey tar effect. Place your "Tar Mixture" in a large sensory tub with the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs will actually "stick" in the tar mixture which gives the kids a really good idea how difficult it could have been to escape.
Clay fossils 
Materials Needed: Modeling clay (you can purchase it in bulk at the art stores) or Air Dry Clay works nicely as well. Small plastic dinosaur skeletons, work trays, smocks, Optional: glue/water solution, paint brush, and with iridescent glitter
Procedure:  Distribute wet clay on tray and have the children make a flat thick slab with their hands. (I give the children time to explore the clay before we actually begin) After the clay is flat the children press the dinosaur skeletons in the clay and we let it dry. It creates wonderful fossil-like impressions what look great brushed with the glitter and glue solution!
Bone Explorers
Materials: Saved bones parents have saved, cleaned and bleached dry-Chicken and beef work really well. Dinosaur skeletons, potting soil, sensory tub, clay work tools and small paint brushes (for sweeping debris from bones), magnifiers, rocks and bits of twigs
Procedure: Arrange bones and dinosaurs hidden in the potting soil in a large sensory tub. Rock and bits of nature really add to the look and feel of and actual archeologists bone dig!
Make a Bone: How about making your own dinosaur bone? Check out The Yellow Fence on blogger!


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